Mission Statement

  • Earth’s oceans are one of our most valuable resources. But instead of treating it like a valuable resource, we’ve been treating it like a garbage dump: billions of tons of trash (that won’t decompose for hundreds of years) currently pollute Earth’s waterways, and the problem is projected to get worse.

  • As awareness of this problem grows, many companies are now producing high-quality sustainable products (bags, bottles, straws, etc.) that should reduce market demand for disposable plastic products, which is great. But even if we eliminated single-use plastics from daily life tomorrow, there would still be billions of tons of plastics polluting our oceans and waterways.

  • Organizations such as The Ocean Cleanup are launching massive operations to tackle large accumulations of pollution in coming decades, which is also great. But in the meantime, our waterways are full of trash, and like-minded people around the world are looking for ways to turn the tide against local marine pollution.

  • The Extra Catch’s message is simple: if you’re out on the water and you see some trash, make “the extra catch” (retrieve it) and bring it back to shore for proper disposal. To help spread the word, take a cool pic with your extra catch and upload it to Instagram, #theextracatch. You’re already out there - just take a second and make the world a better place.